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Introducing LUPUS UK Youth

Living with lupus can be challenging, especially for young people who are still navigating their way through life. That's why a community like LUPUS UK Youth is so important. It provides a safe and supportive community for young people impacted by lupus, where they can find the resources, support, and empowerment they need to thrive.

LUPUS UK created LUPUS UK Youth after seeing the different challenges young people with lupus face and wanted to provide a supportive and empowering community. We hope to engage in various activities, from raising awareness through resources, provide space for articles, creating social media campaigns, and hosting events for our community to come together. We hope to create a safe space where young people impacted by lupus can find support, resources, and a sense of belonging. So, how can we build a community through LUPUS UK Youth? 1. Raise Awareness: One of our main aims is to raise awareness about the condition for lupus youth. Alongside our Contributors, we will help us educate others about lupus, its symptoms, and its impact on young people. By increasing awareness, we can help reduce the stigma surrounding lupus and create a more supportive environment. 2. Provide Support: Young people with lupus often face unique challenges, both physically and emotionally. We hope to deliver talks and workshops with access to healthcare professionals who specialise in rheumatology, counselling services, and support groups where our community can connect with others who can support them. 3. Empowerment: Empowering young people impacted by lupus is essential. We want to encourage our community take an active role in managing their condition and making decisions about their healthcare. We hope LUPUS UK Youth will help you feel empowered to advocate for their health in all settings, from healthcare and educational settings and potentially helping us raise awareness through partaking in social media campaigns and blogs. 4. Create Resources: We strive to create resources that may support our community navigate their journey impacted by lupus. This can include educational materials, online chats, events and videos that focus on topics important to young people and families impacted by lupus. 5. Foster Connections: Building connections is beneficial for young people impacted by lupus. We encourage our community to connect with others who share similar experiences through support groups, social events, and online communities which is what LUPUS UK Youth will provide. These connections can provide a sense of belonging and support that is invaluable. LUPUS UK Youth is for any young person impacted by lupus, whether you are the person living with it, a sibling, carer, or friend. We also provide support to any family member who are impacted. Building a community for lupus youth is not just about providing support and resources; it's about creating a space where they feel understood, empowered, and valued. LUPUS UK Youth is dedicated to building a stronger and more supportive community for young people impacted by lupus.


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